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More UCMA Questions

Last post 03-15-2011, 9:53 AM by Ahmed. 3 replies.
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  •  02-04-2011, 4:10 PM 11221

    More UCMA Questions

    Anyone willing to take a stab at helping me answer some of these questions I've been compiling?  Has everyone just gone to thrid party hosting?  You could hear a pin drop in here.

    ·         I know that I can set my application up to be a default endpoint (IsDefaultRoutingEndpoint = true), but what exactly does that mean? 

    o   Does it simply mean that all SIP requests on the port it listens to go straight to the workflow’s “accept call” activity?

    o   Does it also mean that I can avoid Lync Server completely?

    ·         Later, if I want to integrate with Lync, will I be able to easily?

    o   What will I need to do to integrate with Lync?

    §  Will I have to forward all of my incoming sip requests to a mediation server?

    §  If so, how do they get back to my IVR server?

    ·         Is it correct that I can set up a soft phone and call my running IVR application (while in the console) by plugging in the proper port?

    o   How is that SIP formatted?  (is it something like sip:1234@localhost:5060;transport=tcp)

    o   Can the Lync Soft Phone be installed independently of the Lync Server?

    o   How do I set the SIP phone up so that I can just make calls directly to my machine (if I go through some outside service, it may be difficult to route it back in.  While that’s a valid test, for development, I really need to be able to go straight to the port on my dev machine where the UCMA app is listening).

    ·         How do I get incoming calls from my Gateway into my Application?

    o   Speech Server 2007 allowed me to select a gateway to listen to for Incoming requests

    o   Later, if I integrate with Lync, how will I get these calls where they need to go?

    ·         How do I get outgoing calls to the Gateway?

    o   Speech Server 2007 listened to a MSMQ.

    ·         Michael Dunn has written an Application Host for UCMA 2.  Do I need an application host for UCMA 3?

    o   How is the application host different from running the application in a console app?

    o   Does it have any role other than simply starting up the IVR application?

    ·         If my application gets multiple calls, how is that handled?

    o   Is the application host supposed to start up new instances of my application when a SIP request is received?

    o   In the default workflow project, it looks like the console application, creates a new workflow instance and starts it for each incoming request.  My guess is that this logic gets moved to the new application host (probably a windows service).  Is that accurate?

    ·         Why does UCMA use the .NET 3.5 version of WWF?  One of the reasons we want to move forward from Speech Server is to get into the next generation of Visual Studio and .NET development for our applications. The reliance on 3.5 seems counter intuitive.

    ·         How does this impact us moving forward (such as to the 4.0 version of WWF)?




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  •  02-07-2011, 1:37 PM 11228 in reply to 11221

    Re: More UCMA Questions

      • IsDefaultRouting explanation -
      • I don't understand the question, can you provide more details?
      • I assume that your app is not running against a Lync server? If that's the case, then yes, once you configure your app, it will listen and respond to incoming calls.
        • The formatting required for the softphone to contact you app will depend on the softphone that you’re using.
        • No, the Lync client only works with Lync Server.
        • If it's a stand-alone softphone, no configuration should be required for it to call another machine on your network. There are lots of posts in the MSS forums about using softphones to call MSS apps.
      • Speech Server had an allow list of peers it would accept calls from, anyone could call it, it just wouldn't accept the call unless it was on the allow list.
        • You would configure your gateway to the host and port your app was listening on, just like speech server.
        • You would use a trusted application endpoint and configure it per the UCMA documentation.
      • Speech Server used the MSMQ to initiate outbound calls, not to connect to a gateway.
        • If you're asking how you would initiate outbound calls, that completely up to you.
      • I don't know what his application host does so your best bet would probably be to ask Michael.
      • Stand alone or against Lync Server?
    • Because moving to 4.0 was not feasible
    • UCMA 3.0 is currently only for .NET 3.5

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  •  03-15-2011, 8:20 AM 11572 in reply to 11228

    Re: More UCMA Questions

      • Stand alone or against Lync Server?

    Is there any documentation on how it differs stand alone vs. against Lync?

  •  03-15-2011, 9:53 AM 11573 in reply to 11572

    Re: More UCMA Questions
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