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New local site for SOA

You may have noticed that I recently added a section in the right navbar for blogs and web sites from my local community. I live in Jacksonville, Fl. and there is an active .Net community here. Since I live and work  with these guys I thought I would start linking to some of them. I realize that GotSpeech (and my blog) have a world wide audience but we have lots of local visitors too. Plus if you are ever visiting the area on business this will keep you informed with what is happening in my area.

In fact, if you ever are in the area give me a shout and we can hook up. I would love to spend some time talking about Speech Server with you or chowing down at one of the local eating/watering holes.

Dennis Bottjer is the current president of the Jacksonville Developers User Group (JAXDUG) and his partner David Strommer is the past president of JAXDUG.

Here's what Dennis has to say about his latest adventure:

Drowning In Technical Debt focuses on Enterprise Architecture, SOA, and Line of Business Application Development (Smart Clients and Services Layers).  We hope to uncover and share enterprise best practices. 
Posted: Thursday, October 19, 2006 5:45 PM by marshallharrison
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dbottjer said:


Thanks so much for your support and deadication to our local community.  JaxDug and the Speech Server community are better b/c of the work you do.

Thanks for all your help.

# October 19, 2006 11:00 PM
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